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Range Policies

For your safety, Stronghand Shooting Range Manila strictly adheres to house rules. Members helps us reinforce this as being qualified, responsible and harmonious sportsmen. While Guests enjoy being in a wholesome, family-friendly and teaching range. Below are the main rules, for complete version see the back of the registration form waiver:

  1. Use Range's Toxic-free ammo only. (no 'corkage', no outside ammo)
  2. Legally registered pistols and revolvers - we are a small arms indoor range.
  3. Present government-issued ID. Must be 18 yrs and above to practice.
  4. No complete registration, no shoot.
  5. Bag firearms when not in use. Handling is done only at designated safety areas and/or inside Range.
  6. Good sportsmanship prevails, bad conduct will not be tolerated.
  7. Range Officer's command is absolute and final.